Pinawa Art Gallery

The Pinawa Art Gallery is an Initiative of


The Pinawa Art Gallery is in the W.B. Lewis Business Centre!

Please note that the Art Gallery will be closed Saturday (October 10) and Monday (October 12).

The Pinawa Art Gallery is now open. The cafe portion will be open at a later date.   See the Pinawa Art Gallery Protocols provided below for more information on Covid-19 related information.

New protocols will be in place to protect both visitors and our volunteers, following the government guidelines.

Pinawa Art Gallery Protocols

New protocols are in place to protect both visitors and our volunteers, following the government guidelines.


The Gallery will maintain the required occupancy level allowing our volunteers and visitors to keep a physical distance of at least two metres, except for brief exchanges. The following steps will be enforced under public health orders:

Social Distancing

  • Strict social distancing protocols limiting building capacity including floor markers and signage to prevent congestion
    • Touchless payment (i.e. credit and debit cards) is preferred over cash
    • Please leave backpacks and large purses at home
    • All activities to accommodate physical distancing

Health Precautions & Onsite Cleaning

  • Hand-sanitation and stringent cleaning practices throughout the gallery
    • Staff and patrons must self-screen before visiting the Gallery
    • Washrooms are restricted to 2 individuals at a time
    • Our coffee facilities are temporarily closed; water bottles are permitted in the Gallery. Please be careful around the art.
    • Both volunteers and visitors are welcome to wear self-provided masks.

We ask all visitors to be mindful of social distancing practices and to prepare to wait in a line as we manage building capacity.

Art class instructors will discuss this with class participants in scheduled classes this week, or contact your instructor via email or phone.

  • If you want to visit the gallery at other times, email to pag211inpinawa (at) or call 753-8305 to visit the gallery

Suite 20
W.B. Lewis Business Centre
24 Aberdeen Avenue
Pinawa, Manitoba

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2 Responses to Pinawa Art Gallery

  1. Kelly Murray says:

    Is there a place to see the submissions to date?

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