2011 – Art in the Forest

Art in the Forest

 a photostory by Irene Friesen

with photos by  Shaun Thompson

Welcome Tree at Art Exhibit

Welcome Tree at Art Exhibit

Art in the Forest Exhibit was launched on September 25th at the Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre.  About 70 people signed the guestbook and enjoyed presentations by the artists and a wine & cheese reception.The Art in the Forest Exhibit was open to the public for 12 months at these venues:

  • Sunova Credit Union  – Oct 2011
  • The Ironwood – Nov 2011 to April 2012
  • Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre – May to Sept 2012

Art in the Forest celebrates the United Nations Year of the Forest, and was sponsored by Manitoba Forestry Association in partnership with Pinawa Art 211, with funding by Manitoba Arts Council.  Andrea Swain, education coordinator for Manitoba Forestry Association, was the principal organizer.

Maureen Carefoot Maureen Carefoot. ``Àrt in the Forest``fibre
Maureen Carefoot, award-winning fibre artist from Pinawa, shows a participant her technique. Maureen Carefoot’s work of forest art, Sandilands Forest, consists of three textured panels of fabric created by Maureen using her felting technique.

Anita Drabyk Anita1_0782_crop_adj
Anita Drabyk is a photographer and botanist well known for her photos of birds and plants. “A Walk in the Forest” is the title of Anita Drabyk’s work of art; it is comprised six photographs printed on canvas.  If you look closely, you can see two woodland spirits.
 AIF_Walter_1417_med_Adj  AIF_Walter_0774_med_Adj
Walter Keller, The Timberman artist from Elma, carved an 8 foot statue in a single day.  Walter used chainsaws, angle grinders and wood pulverizers to produce the rough shape, and then sculpted detail with hand tools. Walter’s finished work is aptly titled “Guardian of the Future” to describe the role of the forests in reducing climate change.  “It gives me joy to release Father Forest and other wood spirits into the visible world”, says Walter.
 AIF_Vivian_BSkinner_0282_med  AIF_Vivian_0802_med_Adj
Vivian Thomson, Pinawa painter, is thanked by Mayor Blair Skinner for her efforts in creating forest art on August 20th. Vivian’s finished painting,  “Experience Sandilands” was created using multiple canvases.  If you look closely, you will find wildlife hiding in the forest undergrowth.
 AIF_Jenefer_1289_med  AIF_Jenifer_0786_med_Adj
Jenefer Cavers of Pinawa produces hand-built pottery and specializes in mask-making. Jenefer’s work of art , The Living Forest,  comprises six masks that reflect the textures of the forest as well as diverse forest elements.
 AIF_Irene2 children_0231_med  AIF_Irene_0787_crop_adj
Irene Friesen of Wolfstone Pottery in Pinawa trims one of the pots for her stele, while young participants look on. Irene’s finished work of art, Gifts of the Forest, is a stele comprised of thirteen stacked pots with incised images and poetry to depict four gifts of the forest: renewal, sanctuary, community and wildness.
 WatercolourWksp2  AIF_Shaun_IF80
Participants in the August 20th event enjoyed a workshop on painting with watercolours, taught by Anita Drabyk and Vivian Thomson. Shaun Thompson of Thompson Designs in Pinawa produced the graphics, designed the exhibit space and was official photographer of the two events.  On August 20th, he captured creative process and the creative mood when approximately 200 people attended Art in the Forest event.

AIF_ASwain_DJHThe Manitoba Forestry Association and Pinawa Art 211 partnered to deliver Art in the Forest, a one-day arts and education event.  Pinawa ART 211 is grateful to Andrea Swain, event organizer, for her vision and creativity to guide this project to success.

Inspired by the United Nations declaration of 2011 as the International Year of the Forest, the goal of Art in the Forest was to celebrate the forest through art by bringing together professional artists and Manitobans in a forest setting.

Approximately 200 participants enjoyed hands-on art workshops and guided nature hikes while having the opportunity to engage with six professional artists who live in forest communities themselves.  Each artist developed an original piece of art that celebrated the forest. Their artworks were featured in a year-long Art in the Forest Exhibit.

Funded by Manitoba Arts Council
Collaboration between the Manitoba Forestry Association and Pinawa Art 211

“Pinawa is fortunate to have a number of talented artists. We are also fortunate to live in a very scenic location which includes a significant forested area,” said Blair Skinner, Mayor of Pinawa. “This combination has led to many breathtaking creations, and I expect the Art in the Forest project will inspire other creative people to incorporate the forest theme in their art.”

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