2011 – Margaret Korlak wins People’s Choice Award

Margaret Korlak wins People’s Choice

 By Irene Friesen

 Margaret Korlak, Whitemouth artist, won the People’s Choice award for her work of art entered in the Eastman Judged Art Exhibition, June 10-11 at the Niverville Heritage Centre.

Margaret’s untitled piece, entered in the mixed media category, involved working with acrylic paints, inks and natural objects to create texture. “In developing this piece, I began by building a textured surface which I then stained with inks and acrylic washes.  After laying down the original colour I began to look at the overall design and developed it into a semi-realistic landscape,” said Margaret when asked about her technique.

Margaret’s art is inspired by nature.  Margaret is awed by the variety of textures and colours found in nature, and in particular, how the sky changes depending on the time of day and season.  She seeks to reflect the power of nature and the beauty she sees in the myriad of colours and textures that are found in the natural world.  “I have always had a connection to nature; aspects of the natural world find their way into my artwork. I am nurtured and inspired by spending time in nature.  It is where I find my comfort and my strength and I wish to reflect this power in my artwork,” said Margaret.

Margaret began painting ten years ago when she was assigned to teach art as part of the school curriculum.  At that time she had very little art experience, so she took some basic watercolour classes to prepare herself for teaching art.  Since then she has continuously sought ways to improve her skills in order to be an effective art teacher. Teaching art to high school students at Whitemouth School lets her share her skills with students and help them discover and explore their own hidden talents. “It is an interesting challenge to create learning opportunities where others can explore and create while experiencing various mediums,” reflects Margaret.

In her artistic evolution, Margaret has been inspired, influenced and supported by other artists.  Studying with several teachers helped to broaden her perspective and refine her technique as she created her own body of work.  Today, she works with a variety of mediums such as print making, encaustic paints, acrylic paints, pastels and clay.

For many years, Margaret’s artistic evolution was a private journey. In 2010, Margaret’s yoga instructor, Darlene Hare, invited Margaret to display her paintings in the Hare garden as part of Pinawa’s Art in the Garden tour.  Margaret hesitated but finally agreed and brought more than ten paintings. The public response was astounding and Margaret was amazed when most of her paintings sold to garden visitors.  This recent experience in displaying her paintings to the public encouraged Margaret to continue exploring a variety of mediums.

Margaret is a member of Pinawa ART 211 and Eastern Manitoba Artists Collective (EMAC).  Margaret will display her work at the EMAC Art Show in Pinawa, July 15-16th. To contact the artist regarding her art, email  mkorlak@granite.mb.ca.

The Eastman Judged Art Exhibition received 245 entries from 84 artists in Eastern Manitoba.  Other local artists with entries were Jenefer Cavers (sculpture category), Metro Dmytriw (sculpture category) and Irene Friesen (pottery category).