Joye Platford – WRAC Artist of the Month for August 2012

Joye Platford – Focus on Local Artists – Issue #4

August 2012

Joye Platford

For August, the Winnipeg River Arts Council would like to feature Joye Platford, a visual artist whose work was recently exhibited during the August long weekend at the Green Water Art Show in Lac du Bonnet. Platford grew up in Pinawa, and has always done some sort of art or creating. If you give her markers, crayons, clay, paper, scissors, paint and glue, she is one happy person. She did art all the way through to grade twelve. After graduation, she studied to be a teacher. She taught in Winnipeg and later moved to Montreal to study theology and became a Presbyterian Minister. She has always taken art classes on the side because they filled her creative spirit. She has lived in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan and has always found a community of artists to have classes and share in creative pursuits.

In 2009, she was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer and returned to Manitoba. When she was sick, she found strength with her family and her faith. She also found strength and comfort in making art. After visiting the oncologist for the first time, she went to the art store and bought a big splurge of art supplies. She didn’t make any great works of art while she was sick but she doodled, painted and did pottery and it helped her face her struggles. She is better now – two years since she finished her cancer treatments!

Platford is fascinated with the connection between the creation of art and the human spirit. For her, making art is like another language, and it is like prayer. People say sometimes to her, “I can’t do art.” And she says, “Yes, you can you just have to start.” She did an art and prayer class with Pinawa Christian Fellowship (PCF) last spring. She is going to offer another class this fall called “Art and Spirit,” on Monday night for youth and Tuesday night for adults. The class will begin on September 17, $25 for five weeks at the PCF office in the Lewis Center in Pinawa. Email if interested.

Platford is looking forward to continued good health and to being part of a creative community of artists in the Winnipeg River Arts Council.

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