More about Arlene Bohn…..

I inherited my artistic flame from my grandmother and fanned it growing up in a small tourist town in Ontario.

At 18 I graduated from the Canadian School of Floral Art in Hamilton. Another student taking the class was a woman from Thompson, MB. Over the duration of the course we became friends and by graduation she had offered me the job of managing her flower shop. I had already accepted a position in St Catherines but within six months Thompson was offered again, and I accepted Not only did Thompson show me the beauty of the north it was also where I met my husband.

We soon moved and raised our three sons in Winnipeg where we lived and worked for the next 35 years. After being employed as a Professional Floral Designer while our family grew up I finally opened my own Flower Shop where I worked until retirement. My career has challenged and stimulated my artistic abilities. Shows, displays, and competitions have earned me numerous awards and much gratification.

Eight years prior to opening my own flower shop I attended a number of painting classes which began another avenue of artistry for me. However when the demands of my own business consumed every minute of my time I put the brushes away.

My recent retirement to the lovely town of Pinawa has rekindled my interest in painting. Now with the time I need, and the desire to express a lifetime filled with beautiful things, I have picked up my brushes once again.

I paint realistic landscapes, wildlife and still life in oils and watercolors.

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