Fay Campbell

Fay's Lilacs


As long as I can remember I have been interested in art.  I never had the opportunity in the early years . but after moving to Pinawa had a couple of friends who painted and they let me watch and learn a few things from them. I have never had any formal training but have taken a few one day courses. I started in oil and have now switched to more acrylic and watercolor.   I enjoy the challenge of watercolor and find oil and acrylic a little easier. My early paintings were mostly local scenery, and I still do some, but my real passion is flowers. I like fine detail work. A lot of my work is trial and error.

I have work in many countries as well as across Canada. One of my prized pieces is in southern Ontario and is a bouquet of lilacs done in oil. I have won many awards in shows in Texas and placed third in the last Eastman Juried Art Show.

I wish I had more time to spend on my art but hopefully I will be able to paint for many more years

Fay Campbell
Pinawa, Manitoba

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