Shirley as Winnipeg River Arts Council Artist of the Month

Shirley Kurian – Focus on Local Artists – Issue #5

September 2012

Shirley Kurian

The Winnipeg River Arts Council’s September featured artist is Shirley Kurian, a photographer who has lived in Lac du Bonnet area for the past 10 years and works as a hairstylist in Shirley’s Hair Salon. She loves living on the Lee River where the constantly changing natural environment provides opportunities for great shots. Just as she enjoys helping her clients look and feel great, she enjoys finding beauty in her surroundings. She says, “I love to take photographs! The outdoors is my inspiration, and photography is my passion and obsession.” Her other passions include travel, gardening, walking, hiking, and kayaking.

For as long as she can remember, Kurian has liked taking pictures. She says, “My goal is to share what I see, through my lens.” She photographs anything and everything that catches her eye. Recently, she exhibited her work at the Green Water Art Show, held in Lac du Bonnet on the August long weekend, where visitors responded with great enthusiasm to her pictures. She uses her camera to create unique images, aided by the changing light at dusk and dawn, and seeks to capture the abstract shapes, colours and muted tones she discovers around her. From her stunning photos, she creates framed prints and also makes her pictures into greeting cards. Her work can be found for sale at her own hair salon, Daisy Dew Drop in Lac du Bonnet, and the PCDC store in the Pinawa mall.

Kurian does not have formal training but has taught herself, refining her work through trial and error. However, she has taken photography workshops and courses, reads Photography Magazine, and finds plenty ofinformation on the internet.  She believes photography is the one thing that connects us to everything in the world. Her motto – “Find Beauty in All Things” is reflected in her art, and in many other parts of her life.

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