Virtual Art Contest Rules

Contest Rules

 Contest will run from May 3, to Aug 29, 2020.

  1. Only visual art photos accepted.
  2. Art pieces must be the artists own original work.
  3. Participants must be non-professional artists and reside within the designated area of Eastman bordered by Great Falls, Hwy # 12, Hwy #1, and the Ontario border.
  4. Three age groups of: under 12, teens and adults.
  5. There will be 9 topics. Each topic will have a two week duration. A new topic will be posted every two weeks.
  6. Each person may submit one visual art piece for a topic- no more than 1 piece per topic. If more than 1 is submitted, the first will be included in the selection.
  7. All entries must supply the required information. See “How to Enter” below this list.
  8. Name or any identification should not be displayed on piece
  9. Entries should be photographed and sent to The Pinawa Art Gallery email address.
  10. Dimensional art pieces require 3 different angle photos
  11. Communication will be done through the art gallery email address.
  12. All entries must be submitted by the final day midnight. Late entries will not be included in the selection.
  13. New topic will be posted the next day.
  14. Any medium accepted, but must be identified.
  15. Size restricted to 24” x 36” or 15 lbs
  16. Photo entries of your artwork should be no more than 10 MB in size
  17. Entries will be reviewed by members of Pinawa Art 211 and associates, & two entries per topic, per age group, will be selected as finalists.
  18. Finalists will be notified within 7 days of the closing of each topic.
  19. Finalists must not adjust anything on their art piece after selection has been made or it will be disqualified from final judging.
  20. Finalists will be posted on All Social Media and may be used as promotional material for this contest.
  21. Artwork remains the property of the Artist.
  22. Finalists will be displayed in the Pinawa Art Gallery and the WB Lewis business Centre for a month after the close of the contest and when social Distancing has been lifted. Finalists will be notified as to when this display will be assembled
  23. Finalists will be required to prepare their art piece for display with frames and /or appropriate hanging apparatus for hanging displays.
  24. All finalist artwork must stay displayed for the full term of the show.
  25. Final judging will be done by a People’s Choice voting during the display time.
  26. Three Final Winners will each receive a $50.00 gift certificate to the Pinawa Art Gallery to be used toward the purchase of any item in the gallery or art instruction classes. There is no monetary value to the gift certificate in whole or part.
  27. No purchase necessary.
  28. Entries must be from non-professional Artists, resident of designated Eastman area, and must agree to all terms above.
  29. Pinawa Art 211 Members may not enter.
  30. All reasonable precautionary measures will be taken to avoid damage or loss; however Pinawa Art Gallery does not assume financial responsibility or otherwise, for any item submitted.

How to Enter

Briefly, here is what you need to enter:

  • Any visual art medium accepted; identify the media
  • Size restricted to 24” x 36” or 15 lbs;  let us know the size in your email
  • Photo entries showing your work should be no more than 10 MB in size
  • Where you live, age if under 12
  • Dimensional art pieces require 3 different angle photos
  • Do not sign your work on the front of the art
  • Send to our email