Arlene Bohn

Painting: Oils, Acrylics and Watercolour – Scenery and Still Life

Artwork and Images Copyright © Arlene Bohn

What could be more fulfilling to an artist than to be able to work, play and live in Art?

I had no idea when I began my career in Flower design that the art of colour, balance, and perspective would flow through most aspects of living for me, and I should not have been surprised when I picked up an artist’s paint brush for the first time and felt the ease of the paint on the canvas.

I see how art has enhanced the lives of my children and grandchildren, in their work and their lives. It has made them better parents, more socially and community active, and more resourceful in their work.

In these years of retirement art has kept my mind and body busy, active and engaged. I love the creating and the sharing, the teaching and the socializing that the art world brings. 

 Although my first passion is oil painting, it’s top spot rivals with my Zanadu Glass painting, and the teaching of Acrylic and water colour painting. I love to paint nature. The beauty of the world in its amazing colours and designs never ceases to capture my attention.

I am a member of Pinawa Art 211 and the Art gallery where I exhibit, sell, and instruct art.

Teaching has been very rewarding. It makes me a better person and a better artist, and it’s value is reflected in the smiles, the art, and the growth in confidence of the class participants. Sharing my knowledge and experience assures me that my art will continue long after I create no more.