Pinawa Art 211, Inc.

Pinawa Art 211 Inc. aims to improve the quality of life in Pinawa and neighbouring communities by promoting the visual arts. We develop emerging artists by networking, cooperative marketing and organizing exhibits and other arts events.

Artists in Pinawa and north eastern Manitoba are welcome to join. For further information call Vivian @753-2980.

Our short history…

In January 2011, a group of Pinawa artists met to form an artist association.  The group consisted of newcomers to Pinawa and long-term residents. They re-claimed the name Pinawa ART 211 which had been used by an art club that ceased operations over a decade ago. The first officers were Irene Friesen, President; Maureen Carefoot, Secretary; and Vivian Thomson, Treasuer.  In March 2013, the group decided to incorporate as a non-profit organization.

The initial focus of Pinawa ART 211 was marketing, but the group quickly became known for creative arts programming, which led to an expanded membership of artists from surrounding communities of Elma, Lac du Bonnet, River Hills, Whitemouth and Beausejour.  In February 2013, Pinawa ART 211 was 24 members strong.

In 2011, we produced “Art in the Forest” in partnership with the Manitoba Forestry Association.  The professional artist members of Pinawa ART 211 participated in a day of “creating art about the forest in the forest” at Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre near Hadashville. The artists were Maureen Carefoot, Anita Drabyk, Vivian Thomson, Jenefer Cavers, Walter Keller, and Irene Friesen The works of art they created remained on display for a full year at Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre and in Pinawa.

In August 2012, Pinawa ART 211 produced the Green Water Art Show in partnership with Winnipeg River Arts Council and Fire & Water Music Festival.  It took place in Lac du Bonnet and featured 17 works of art on the theme of ‘green water’. Fifteen Eastman artists sold their art in the two-day art sale.

To celebrate Pinawa’s 50th birthday in 2013, Pinawa ART 211 hosted the biennial Judged Art Exhibition, June 12-15.  The project committee was chaired by Brenda McKenzie.  Artists from the Eastman region displayed their artworks which were adjudicated by three professional artists.

In May 2013, some of the members of Pinawa ART 211 opened a gallery in the Lewis Centre in Pinawa.

From 2014 to 2017, the group focused on the Gallery at the Lewis Centre and started more art classes and meet-ups in a nearby studio area in the Lewis Centre. Classes included flower arranging, painting, and sculpting.

We moved into a new space in the W.B. Lewis Centre in January 2018.


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