Karly Owens

Painting: Watercolour

Artwork Copyright © Karly Owens

Karly Owens works in multiple mediums with a focus on fine art letterpress stationery and watercolours, with a passion for pet portraits. Her artwork portrays light and airy strokes with a focus on key details to bring realism and soul into each of her paintings. 

I am primarily a self-taught watercolour artist. Aside from my vocational arts classes in high school, I have formal education from Vancouver College of Art and Design and Emily Carr for graphic design and letterpress. But I have always had a paintbrush in my hand for as long as I can remember. I’ve grown up with very creative influences. My Amma (grandmother) was an artist and heavily into the arts groups. There was always a painting on the easel and the home was surrounded by her work. As well as my mother who is the most creative person I know, there isn’t anything she hasn’t dabbled in creatively. So growing up there was always some new project to come home to after school.

I started with acrylics and never really took to watercolours until after motherhood. My style evolved into more of a free and nurturing style I think. I love the ability to paint anywhere with minimal mess and supplies when using watercolours. I can pack up my pans, paper, and a few brushes and just paint freely wherever I might be. It’s become cathartic for me to paint, and as a mother, the less set up and clean up time means more time I can focus on the art.”

“Painting brings me so much joy, it is always such an honour to work on all my art commissions. Each portrait has its own story behind it, be it a memorial pet portrait that brings tears of joy to a client’s eyes or maybe a memory of a youthful child.” – Karly 

You can see more of Karly’s work at:

Website: Karly Owens Studio
Instagram: Karly Owens Studio