Stu Iverson


Images Copyright © Stu Iverson

I shoot mainly nature and scenics in the southern Manitoba and surrounding areas.  Sometimes my travels take me across Canada or even further to other parts of the world.   I especially enjoy historic places and the “wild places” where the intrusion of humans is less evident.

I strive for pictures that show an aspect of something that would be only rarely or never visible to the observer.  Examples include unusual weather or lighting conditions, motion of clouds or water and photos of live insects and butterflies in the field showing more detail than can be seen with the naked eye.  

Taking the photo is only the first part of the creative process.  I prefer a natural look in prints and work hard to apply my knowledge and experience to create prints that truly reflect the original scenes.  For the last few years I have been creating short runs of giclee prints for other artists and find it very satisfying to produce a print essentially indistinguishable from the original art work. 

My work has been well received at judged art shows and competitions such as The Red River Photo Exhibition and I value the feedback received.  I also enjoy attending photography workshops and reading widely to learn new techniques to further develop and refine my skill and vision.  

I am a member of the Pinawa Art Gallery and my work is available there and at local town markets and sales.  It can also be viewed at my web site,, and can be special-ordered using the contact information on the web site.  

Phone: (204) 753-8801