Vivian Thomson

Painting: Oil and Watercolour, Drawing, Stained Glass, Pottery, Printmaking and Photography

Images and Artwork Copyright © Vivian Thomson

Vivian Suzanne Thomson: M. Ed. Art Education, University of Victoria; BA., University of Manitoba; retired Art Specialist, Whiteshell School District (1968-2004)

Art is an essential part of my life. I have always created be it images or using the clay from the creek river bank on my Aunt’s farm in the Gatineau Hills. My high School art teachers were my role models and mentors. 

Not having an art curriculum in Manitoba in the 1970’s I wrote my own for grades 4 to 6, then expanded it for grades 1 to 12 when I became the Art Specialist in 1980. My biggest art growth was the journey through the Masters degree in Victoria. Amazing instructors like Walter Dexter, Bill Zuk, Geoff Hodder and Marion Small pushed, guided and opened my art world. Their instruction in pottery, drawing, painting, printmaking, watercolour, acrylic and stained glass changed my life and teaching approach for the rest of my career.  I have taught many adult drawing and painting classes and have been a member of Pinawa Art 211 since its’ creation in the early 80’s. At present I am working on a painting of the Pinawa Channel and dam, because it fascinates me in all seasons, and I am exploring some stained glass projects.